Our innovative job analysis, personnel assessment, and business curricula solutions help to bridge the gap between management and the frontline throughout the employee lifecycle.

When you're invested in your job, you'll NEVER have to WORK a day in your life.

Job Analysis

How legally defensible are your selection procedures? Does your performance management system have employee buy-in? Increase confidence in your human capital initiatives through our intuitive online job analysis system.

Personnel Assessment

If you're going to invest in assessing your current and future employees, it shouldn't be a one-time, academic exercise. We'll help you keep assessment results alive through qualitative interpretations of your data and detailed action planning guides.

Business Curricula

We work with your team to co-create on-brand content that explains complex C-suite concepts in layman's terms. Our collaboration with your team ensures company relevant information coupled with tried-and-true learning methods.


Never Work is a team of dedicated organizational and pedagogical experts.

Mark David Scott, Ph.D.

Founding Partner

Expertise:  Job Analysis & Psychometrics

Matthew Myers, B.A.

Founding Partner

Expertise:  Marketing & Business Development

Patrick Coyle, M.S., M.B.A.

Founding Partner

Expertise:  Organizational Strategy & Leadership


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